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This was posted on AGLOCOs Official Blog at September 11, 2007 :

"Revenue – As we posted previously, we completed a major revenue partnership. AGLOCO is excited to announce that Ask.com will soon become AGLOCO’s official worldwide default search provider".

"First, we have been very impressed with Ask.com’s desire to be in business with the AGLOCO Membership. (We feel that business works best when both parties want to work together.) More importantly, we are impressed with Ask.com’s search performance."

"If every AGLOCO Member did 4 to 5 Ask searches a day and they clicked on average just one ad, the revenue generated for the AGLOCO community would be US$6.00 per month per Member. This would be a great start to building revenue for Member distributions"
(Dan Jorgensen, Agloco Team)

This is great news for all members! Become a member TODAY!

SO: Keep those Viewbares up, use the Ask.com searchengine, and we´ll be on our way to making AGLOCO an Online SUCCESS Story!

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As AGLOCO Members...

....we must keep those Viewbars running to create and increase AGLOCOs value. If AGLOCO has no value, there will be no payments. I do hope most of the members understand this fact.

As an example: If you were to start a company to sell widgets, you could not sell any widgets that had not yet been built, and so you could not make any money.

AGLOCOs product is the total amount of viewing (using the Viewbar). If we as members keep those Viewbars up and running, we will build those hours up to the point that there is a surplus of hours. Then the AGLOCO Management can sell those viewing hours to the advertiser customers for a low price, and make big money by quantity of sales. Remember: These money comes back to us, the members.

One thing is for sure: Going on strike by turning off the Viewbar is the same as cutting AGLOCOs throat... Not a good plan.

So, be a helpful part of AGLOCO in the company´s early stages, and you just might be rewarded for it!

Keep your Viewbars up and running!

Agloco is extremely close...

...to sending out paychecks. Their post about payments upset a lot of members because of the amount of money we would be making with this 10 year payment period. This payment structure is just a temporary payment system until Agloco becomes profitable. These values are only the beginning. As AGLOCO becomes more profitable, the value of future months’ hours will grow and the time frame in which AGLOCO pays will shrink.

Soon they will come with a new post and clear things up because a lot of members are in a way going on strike. A few members actually told their downlines to not use the viewbar until Agloco writes a new post. That is the stupidest thing you can do,considering the fact that Agloco’s ONLY source of revenue is through the VIEWBAR software.

So those members who are reading this and have doubts about the future of Agloco’s payments structure just run the viewbar. Aren’t you surfing the web anyway?

It cost you NOTHING to run it and you WILL get paid. Just hang in for the ride, because this is just the beginning.

Look at those numbers:
.48 cents per hour in June, .42 per hour in July and .54 cents in August.

Just imagine those numbers as Agloco grows and members get paid for using the Viewbar Software. Some believe that Agloco actually has potential to pay over 2 dollars an hour in the foreseeable future (in a year or two).

I hope this information can make you realize the real future of Agloco.

The key to our (AGLOCO members) success as a community is to use the viewbar and see the long-term vision of the company. If we do that we will grow stronger and stronger! AGLOCO is slowly but surely building a sustainable business, that you can be sure of :-)

Not a member yet? Join now, it´s free, and has great earning potential!

Five Easy Steps To Online Income:

This is an excellent FREE TO JOIN INCOME OPPORTUNITY to start off with, using the internet as you already do. If you're considering a work from home business, I suggest you start with this to see how it will work for you.

Step 1: Join AGLOCO For Free

Step 2: Download & Install A Free Viewbar

Step 3
Surf The Net For 5 Hours Per Month

Step 4
Refer a Couple Of Other People To AGLOCO - you earn more and they earn too! Once you sign up, you'll get your own referral URL (referral link) that others can use to sign up. Every 5 people (active members) that you refer to AGLOCO will double your income.

Step 5:
Cash Your Earnings

There is really no reason not to sign up. It costs you nothing to join, and the worst case scenario is actually that you make money!

It can’t get any simpler than that!

Hmm... Sounds nice. How much money can I make?

You become a member of AGLOCO, you download and install the viewbar. You surf online at least 5 hours a month. Under these conditions the company will earn approximately $12.5, they will give $5 to you, $6.25 to your 5 level referrals. The company will keep $1.25 from the total.

Here the most important pre-condition for you is to make your referral network. You'll get money from up to 5 levels below you.

As an example: You refer 10 friends to AGLOCO. Your friends does not work as hard as you and make just 3 new members each. And let's assume that, the new members made 3 members each also. As you are getting money from the members up to 5 levels below you, your monthly income will be approximately $1517.5. You can calculate how much you can make monthly for different scenarios with the member calculator at AGLOCO's web site.

How do I get my Money?

The money you earned will be transferred into your bank account. If you wish you can get it by check or Paypal.

“Make a decision to be successful right now. Most people never decide to be wealthy, and that is why they retire poor.” Brian Tracy.


Want to know more?
AGLOCO - Frequently asked questions

You do not want to miss this one!

Did you miss out on Google, Yahoo, MySpace and now YouTube on how you can make a profit?

You Tube just sold for $1.65 billion dollars! How much of that check was yours?

At a early point in time, each of these companies had a small window of opportunity for anyone to cash in on some of the greatest financial opportunities ever, but most of us, if not all, found out a little too late.

The Internet is about to go through a dramatic change and a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY awaits those who are keen enough to see it.

You probably already know that Internet sites are making millions of dollars in revenue, some even billions. Wouldn't it be great if you and I could OWN THE INTERNET and make money just like Google, YouTube and MySpace?

Another name is about to be added to this list and fortunately for you and me, it's not too late.

Welcome to AGLOCO!

It is easy to sign-up and takes less than 2 minutes.

Membership is completely free. You will never be charged as a member of AGLOCO.

All of your information will be completely private. We believe we have the best privacy policy on the Internet. None of your personal information will be sold, rented or shared without your permission.

Become a part of the next generation of the Internet. As an economic network, AGLOCO is helping shape the future role of consumers on the web. Join now and get involved in the future of the Internet.

Don't miss out. There is zero cost to becoming a member, so get in early and tell your friends before they are already members. Like most companies, those who are early and active stand to benefit the most.

It's your Internet – own a piece of it.

Did you know?

  • AGLOCO is the only community where Members are first in every aspect. We hope to create a vibrant, trustworthy, and creative community.
  • The value of AGLOCO increases every time a new member joins. This is your company: grow it, blog about it, enjoy it.


1. You can make money safely, legitimately, and easily.

It takes maybe three minutes to join.

You need nothing more than a working computer connected to the Internet.

You don’t have to enter any sensitive information to join.

You don’t have to buy anything to join.

You don’t have to buy anything ever once you are a member.

It’s easy to cancel if you don’t want to be a member any more.

You’ll only download a small free toolbar that won’t install anything else on your computer, hog its memory, or read your keystrokes.

You’ll make the same amount of money even if you never click on anything.

AGLOCO is the real deal, not some little scam. A good number of notable entrepreneurs are backing it. A Google search with keyword “agloco” will net you 1 million pages and counting.

Very important: AGLOCO’s business model has been tried before and proven to work. In fact, AGLOCO’s predecessor paid out over $120 million to its members (this is what finally convinced me).

You can dramatically increase your income by referring other people to AGLOCO, because…

…AGLOCO pays you a portion of the surf money earned by those you referred up to 5 levels below you. So…

You can recruit your friends and all make money together when you help them get referrals. Thus,

The sooner you sign up, the more folks will come to you for info and the more likely it is that you will be the original seed of a large referral network in your community.

You never have to read emails from people you don’t know.

You’ll never be asked to send emails to people you don’t know.

You don’t have to change anything you normally do on the Internet. You surf, AGLOCO pays.

AGLOCO’s revenue source is genuine: a Viewbar members use that shows targeted advertisements based on your surf history, with the money paid to advertise going back to the members. That’s not magic; that’s common sense.

The Viewbar software you will download will not invade your privacy; it simply looks for keywords on the pages you view in order to show related ads.

The Viewbar is maybe the size of your taskbar at the bottom of your screen - in other words, it’s small and won’t interfere with your browsing experience at all.

AGLOCO has a thorough privacy policy that explicitly guarantees personal information will never be sold or given away.

In fact, AGLOCO has not one but three agreements every member must agree to. The bases are covered.

AGLOCO has a CPO - Chief Privacy Officer - whose responsibility is to make sure your privacy is never violated. His name is Ray Everett-Church, and he has more experience protecting privacy than probably anyone else on the planet.

AGLOCO doesn’t play; anybody providing fake information, signing up twice, or otherwise trying to cheat the system will be detected by AGLOCO’s anti-hacking instruments. This is an honest enterprise through and through.

By signing up, you support the company that will change Internet advertising for the better.

By signing up, you get to own a piece of the company that will change Internet advertising for the better. AGLOCO belongs to its members, which is to say that…

…you will own stock (more if you refer people) in a company that is likely to become huge and thus your stock will be worth something awesome when AGLOCO goes public on the London Stock Exchange.

You will likely find that other AGLOCO members, especially now in the early stages of AGLOCO, are some of the Web’s savviest users and developers, and you can learn a bunch from them.

You get to be on the cutting edge of World Wide Webware development, which means that as AGLOCO grows, its members will benefit from…

…discounts when members buy from companies affiliated with AGLOCO;

. …possible help with spyware/antivirus protection (remember, everyone from Fortune 500 companies to millions of users will all benefit from a better browsing experience);

…community forums where members can meet and discuss not just stuff, but ways and member-based projects to make AGLOCO better (it is our company).

Our company is in good hands. AGLOCO pays 10% of its revenues to Infomediary Services Corporation (ISC), which is simply the management company that is responsible for managing AGLOCO. The other 90% of the revenue belongs to us. This 10% will attract the designing talent needed to make AGLOCO great. The corresponding 10% of AGLOCO’s shares go to a foundation dedicated to providing every human being on Earth with Internet access.

AGLOCO’s management team will not get stock in AGLOCO. This ensures that those in positions of high responsibility don’t hijack the company.

Though circumstances will vary, you can get paid and earn shares no matter where on Earth you live.

If you choose, you can donate your earnings and shares to the charity of your choice.

. If you get involved in referring more members, you might be able to quit your day job and actually spend time at home, with your family, on vacation, wherever - and still make money.

If AGLOCO fails, you won’t lose any money because you paid none in the first place.

AGLOCO ain’t gonna fail. The last time such an opportunity existed, people made over $120 million in under 2 years, when far less people had Internet access and conditions weren’t yet right for such a company to go public. Now, with record spending on advertising and calls from all sides for less irrelevant advertising and a better business/customer connection, the world is more than ready for an economic network that gives back to its users. Author: Michael H. Lewis

This is truly an Awesome Opportunity! Join Agloco TODAY!

Get Paid to surf the AGLOCO Viewbar, and get up to U$.30 Dollar per referral!

Currently, the most popular Internet businesses are built on the power of social networks. Take a look at companies like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube who have become worth billions because other businesses realize that these social networks are generating huge advertising and marketing opportunities.

AGLOCO has asked a simple question:
“The users created the community, where’s their share of the profit?”

From that very question, AGLOCO set out to create the Internet’s first Economic Network by using the strength of social networks to directly benefit the Members who build the community.

Becoming a member of AGLOCO is as simple as completing a simple sign-up page (name, age, location and email address.). Once you’re a Member, you will be asked to then download the Viewbar™ software.

The Ways AGLOCO Makes Money for Its Members

Search: Each time you use the Viewbar™ to do an Internet search, AGLOCO earns money from the search engine providers. (Google pays as much as $0.10 on average for each search that is directed to its search engine.)

Advertising: The AGLOCO’s Viewbar™ displays ads that are specialized to you. Through clicking on an ad and/or making a purchase, AGLOCO receives a referral fee, which we then pass on to our Members. (Please note: Individual members do not receive any compensation for clicking on ads in the Viewbar™, and the Viewbar™ can detect if someone is clicking ads in a fraudulent manner.)

Transaction commissions: Many major retailers pay commissions when you refer customers who make a purchase. AGLOCO collects that commission and passes it on to our members. (For example, Amazon pays an 8.5% commission to most websites who refer customers, and has cut deals for even larger percentages.

The bigger the AGLOCO community, the better commission we can negotiate for our Members.

So, join AGLOCO today! It´s forever FREE, and you have A LOT to gain!

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AGLOCO has set out to create the Internet’s first Economic Network, harnessing the power of Internet-based social networks to directly benefit the Members who help to create the community!

AGLOCO is Totally FREE!

In 1999 'AllAdvantage' paid out OVER ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to their free members. Now they're back better than ever with the new amazing AGLOCO!

Own the Internet! Get PAID when you're online. Receive Free Shares when they go public on the London Stock Exchange. Click HERE to Learn More!

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Do You Realize Just HOW Valuable You Are?
Advertisers, search providers, and online retailers are actually paying billions to reach you while you surf.

How much of that money are you getting?

You Deserve A Piece of the Action!
AGLOCO - A Global Community, gets paid by companies to reach their Members through their Viewbar software. Then they give that money back to you as a member.

Build the Community, Make More Money!
Through their Referral Program, AGLOCO rewards those who are helping to build this Global Community. The bigger the community, the more money AGLOCO makes for its Members.

- It never costs you anything, EVER!
- There are no ads to read
- No banners to click
- No count down timers telling you when you can leave
- No certain sites to visit
- Nothing to purchase
- Your information is protected
- Did I mention FREE

Just think about the future potential of AGLOCO in the 'new' Internet. The 'new' Internet is the future trend and the next major change coming--where Internet Users share in the revenues created from the value of their 'personal billboards' or computer screens.

JOIN AGLOCO NOW - It´s forever FREE!

Did you know most everything you do online is making someone money?

Online and offline advertising are quite similar. You see and hear commercials and promotions every day through the televison and radio. Along every highway there are numerous billboards advertising all kinds of products. When you open a newspaper or a magazine, you will see advertising on most of the pages. All over the world, advertising is an imortant and dominant factor. Advertising has become a large factor in the global economy, and that´s a fact.

This is a fact also when it comes to Online Advertising. Have you noticed all the advertisements on almost every webpage you visit. You do not choose to see the ads, but they are still there - on your screen. These ads are making A LOT of people A LOT of money.

Don´t you think it´s time that YOU got a piece of this pie?

Well, now you can! A brand new company - AGLOCO - will pay it's members for doing what they are already doing anyway - surfing the internet. The advertisers pay AGLOCO for advertising on AGLOCOs Viewbar, and AGLOCO pays you for running the Viewbar on your desktop! The Viewbar is very small and totally unobtrusive, and you don´t have to look at or click the ads - just let it run, and you make money.

So,is Agloco one of those "Get Rich Quick Schemes"?

NO, it is not! There are lots of scams online that promise you buckets of gold by next week. If you´re looking for these, the good luck! You will most probably be disappointed...

Agloco represents a totally free opportunity for you to be a part of a growing company and to share in the future profits of a much bigger vision as if you were an owner.

Many members will be earning A LOT of money. How much you are going to make, is going to depend a lot on what you are willing to do with this free opportunity.

REMEMBER: AGLOCO is totally RISK FREE and is zero cost.

The time to join Agloco is NOW!


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The founders of AGLOCO....

...started the company AllAdvantage a few years ago. AllAdvantage paid out over 100 million dollars with a similar idea (that is to accumulate online advertising revenues and share the profits with the members). They where paying thousands of people monthly checks, some of them over $10,000 per month!

Now the founders are back with AGLOCO, because they know this concept is revolutionary!

Think about making money each and every month, just for surfing the Internet as you always have!

Join AGLOCO now!

It gets even better...

If you refer other people to AGLOCO, you´ll get paid for for the time THEY spend on the Internet as well. You´ll also get paid for the time the people they refer are online, using the Internet as they already do.

You already see ads while you are surfing the Internet - they are everywhere, but you don´t usually make any money from it.

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Start getting paid for surfing the Internet!

You Can Make Money Doing What you Already Do...

....and that´s surfing the Internet.

You know, this company - AGLOCO (A Global Community) will actually share their monthly revenue with you, and all you have to do is download a free Viewbar onto your computer. It´s safe and you can minimize your Viewbar at any time if you wish.

It´s completely FREE. There is no catch what so ever. You get paid because the Viewbar displays small advertisements.

The advertisers pay AGLOCO and then AGLOCO shares that money with you.

It´s as easy as that!

So sign up NOW! It´s totally FREE! Just click the picture below!

My network is growing!

It´s really exciting to login to my AGLOCO account every day. My network is now growing quite fast - by itself - and the hours are accumulating. The Viewbar works just fine on my desktop, and the ads are rotating. I actually find the AGLOCO Viewbar very cool. It just sits there quietly - at the bottom of my browser, and I do not really take any notice of it.

I´m really looking forward to my first payment from AGLOCO in a couple of months. I think when the payments start to come, my network growth (and potential income) is going to EXPLODE!

All in all: Exciting to be a founding part of an upcoming HIT on the Internet!

Money is on the way!

My network is now growing totally by itself. It seems like more and more of my referrals are starting to use the Viewbar and accumulating surfing hours for me. I checked my stats today, and my 785 referrals have accumulated almost 140 hours.